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My story

I am an IDENTICAL QUADRUPLET, a one in 600 million chance in birth. While this may seem like a special life, it also led to a special kind of wound: the inability to be seen for who I truly was on the inside. While we were gaining massive attention via national TV and popularity in school for being identical on the outside, we were rotting on the inside. This caused us to fight for individual recognition and attention in unhealthy and unconscious ways until Covid 19 changed my life. The deep depression led to the ultimate breakthrough: it’s time to uncover who I am on the inside at the depth of my soul, and this is what makes me truly special and unique. At the soul I am one in infinity! This began my soul search and journey into authenticity over the last 4 years.

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My name is Sabin Karma. I am the world​’s leading authenticity coach/heale​r/speaker and a certified Quantum Flow Practition​er in over 20 countries. I am a pastor and spiritu​al speaker in Pakistan for the poor. I a​m a host of meditation circles in many countri​es around the world. I am an author of​ three upcoming books: You are Chosen, Tran​sformative Power of ​Su​ffering and Your Inner Child is God.

I am an​ authentic global leader with two main pass​ions: First holding space through deep empat​hic listening to make people feel seen and ​heard. Second is using my word and the word ​of the Divine to restore life and hope ba​ck to those who need it. My word h​a​s a healing and transformative power.

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My vision and mission is to guide ​1,000,000,000 lives to:

A. Re-discover their truest self by daring ​to go deep inside themselves to what truly ​makes them authentic and unique.

B. Empower them to radiate that out and ​pay it forward so that every single human ​being on this Earth is seen, heard, ​accepted, and loved for who they truly are ​at the depth of their soul.

C. Create a world free of comparison, ​judgement, division, and unworthiness and ​instead filled with pure unconditional ​acceptance and love for ourselves, each ​of other, Mother Nature, and our Creator.

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The Sabin karma experience

These services are the KEYS to both uncovering and embodying your innermost authenticity out to the world, magnetizing from the inside out all of your truest and wildest dreams and desires effortlessly.

Authenticity Healing/ coaching


Quantum ​authenticity ​Journey

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The Authenticity Healing and Coaching journey is about uncovering and fully embodying:

  • What you truly want
  • Who you are
  • Why you are here
  • Ultimate soul vision

Result? Complete clarity and alignment on every level, mentally, spiritually, emotionally, physically etc. and with that total freedom.

Developing True Authenticity on the inside and then radiating that force of power out to the world as a magnet to attract wildest dreams: relationship, business, social life, every level.

This and so much more!

Authenticity healing AND


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Quantum flow is a movement based practice based in the ancient philosophic practices such as yoga and qi gong. It incorporates modern science such as neuroscience and quantum physics to free up energy in the body to create your own reality.

Everything we have stored from our past is in our body, and this is preventing us from being free to experience the peace, love and joy that is our natural state. Our wounds affect how we respond to the world, our relationships, business, etc. This is why the past creates the future unless we have a tool to free ourselves from the past at the body level.

Exciting? Welcome to Quantum Flow.


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The Quantum Authenticity Journey combines ​the Authenticity Healing/Coaching with the ​Quantum Flow.

It is done 1 on 1 or in groups of 8 and it includes:

  • 7 Group Zoom sessions over 3 1/2 months ​(Quantum Flow and Authenticity Journey)
  • 2 sessions/month
  • Session Length: 120 minutes
  • Community/Soul Tribe with Others (4 to 8 ​people)
  • Whatsapp Group
  • Support over text between sessions
  • Free Soul Vision Activation Meditation to ​Open Journey
  • Personalized Prophetic Poetry Awakening ​Highest Self


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10% of Proceeds feed these children in pakistan

I had the honor of ministering the word of God to and feeding these seventy poor and needy children in Pakistan. This is one of many Christian Schools in Faisalabad, Pakistan.

This is the baby of Brother Arshad who pulled me to Pakistan. He is a beautiful soul with so much potential who simply needs the conditions to flourish like physical and spiritual food.

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People impacted

“I was so blown away by Sabin’s magic… I’ve never seen someone inspire me so much for being authentic just as it is. It helped me tremendously in my projects and Sabin’s impact rippled through me. I would give him a 10 out of 5! Why? I give 5 but my soul heard you speak and that’s why the other 5 points!”

Cliff, Life Vision Coach (Belgium)

“That was the most powerful conscious session I’ve ever experienced in my life! Thank you so much for your gifts Sabin!”

Josef, Astrology Writer (Germany)

“Sabin is the most powerful man I’ve ever met”

Markko, Founder/Visionary Strategist at NutriLoop (Estonia)

“Two years ago, Sabin predicted that I would go on to become a meditation instructor and speaker, and now this is coming true. After working with Sabin, I am being paid to teach and guide meditation to corporate employees! Thank you Sabin!”

Rogé Karma, Corporate Mindfulness Teacher (California)

”Sabin is an absolute powerhouse that is going to inspire millions around the globe”

Fhad, Business Development

Specialist at Datacentrix (South Africa)

“You are a true inspiration and an international leader, speaker and teacher. I know it and I FEEL it!”

Stefan, Presentation Creator and

Mastermind Host (Germany)

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I'm here for you





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